Walnut Grove Goldens
Walnut Grove Goldens

Located in the southeastern area of Michigan, we are committed to "CREATING - GOLDEN MOMENTS, GOLDEN MEMORIES" by producing high quality Golden Retrievers for families to make part of their lives for many years to come. Established in 1990, which is also our home, we are located on 11 beautifully landscaped country acres - making a perfect quiet country setting in which to raise our Golden Retrievers. (See Location section).

Our promise is that you will have a beautiful, happy, healthy and intelligent dog that conforms to AKC & UKC breed standards for the Golden Retreiver. Golden Retrievers have wonderful friendly dispositions, are loyal, intelligent, love to please, and become loving family members.

We are proud of our AKC/UKC Golden Retriever puppies bred from high-quality parents. We carefully and responsibly produce a limited number of puppies each season.

Genetic testing (OFA) is done on our adult breeding dogs to rule out the presence of hip dysplasia, we also test elbows, eyes, and heart. Our adults are kept in excellent physical condition with daily exercise and proper diet/nutrition, which are important factors in preventing health problems. Also, we use Large Breed Formula foods- such as: Purina Pro Plan & Purina One. Our breeding dogs also carry a certified DNA Profile performed by AKC.

Our puppies are all well socialized and "people dogs" by the time a puppy goes home with you. Daily attention, puppy development exercises, care, brushing, and play assures confidence and good personalities in our dogs and puppies.

When our puppies leave for their new homes, they will have had their first immunization shot, were wormed several times (as a preventative), had their dew claws removed, had been micro-chipped (AKC brand) and have AKC & UKC papers for registration. A vet check at birth, and again at 6 weeks ensures that all puppies are healthy before they leave. A complete "puppy packet" (supplied by Purina foods) is given to you when you pick up your new puppy (see Pups and Services).

Our Goldens have the freedom to go outside year-round--whenever they want. We have a fenced-in front pasture with a lot of area for our Goldens to run, a comfortable barn with a closed-in heated area located inside the barn that has a flap door for complete freedom. Goldens having the opportunity of having the freedom of going outdoors demonstrates better health, in our opinion. Another reason our Goldens enjoy going outside is because they prefer it! We acclimate our dogs to the sounds of loud farm equipment, gun shots or even thunderstorms. Many who purchased puppies from us, find they are house-broken quickly - most in three days or less! This is because our puppies never had the opportunity to make a "mistake" indoors. All they have ever known is to relieve themselves on straw areas or outside. They adapt quickly to new and comfortable environments. We surround our pups with many different people, different ages, different scents and different touches. We have scheduled visiting times encouraging you to bond with your puppy from the start. We are committed to "Creating Golden Moments- Golden Memories!"
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