Walnut Grove Goldens
Walnut Grove Goldens


AKC Name: Reinhold's Golden Ruger (Registered AKC & UKC)


Our current Sire was born in Clarkston, MI. 

As a puppy, Ruger was lots of fun...he developed into the perfect Golden!

He has captured everyone's heart here at Walnut Grove and is a handsome lover & hugger!


Ruger has OFA certifications on:  Cardiac (Heart), Eyes, Elbow, Hips, Legg-Calve-Perthes, Patella, Shoulder

He also earned his AKC Good Citizen Canine Award.

Ruger takes an active"Father Role" with his pups and enjoys pup-sitting for the Moms. His favorite "Dad" time is when the puppies crawl on him --loves the massage!

A "Master Stud!"

One young couple - Walnut Grove Family member from Ann Arbor called Ruger "the George Clooney of Goldens", that fits him perfectly!

He just loves everyone and gives all his undivided attention! (especially loves all females-- humans or dogs). Ruger is always on site.

                RUGER Watching over farm





AKC Name:  "Raylee's Brite Nite"  (Registered:  AKC & UKC)


Born in Hillsdale, MI,  Raylee is our "little angel",  she was born on a beautiful clear night with bright brilliant stars abound.  She has one of the sweetest & calmest personalities - even as a very young pup!  She has defined shading throughout her coat...even the back has a set of light/white golden - angel wings!  Raylee has her OFA certifications and loves being a mother.  Wonderful natural mother instincts



AKC Name:  "WG Rainbow's Pot of Gold"  (Registered AKC & UKC)



Born on a working farm in Ohio, the breeders grandchildren named her Rainbow Dash from a cartoon series -- as all our Goldens have "R" names, we thought we would just keep Rainbow as her name.  She has a nice energy, personality, disposition, character and all around Golden--as colorful as her name.  This girl is one "smartie" and very "funny" --  her personality is that of "I Love Lucy"!.  She has her OFA Certifications.  We wanted to bring in some darker tones of the Golden and she fills this desire.  She has a beautiful shine to her coat and is a wonderful field golden she even has shorter hair!  She does a wonderful job as a mother.  Her future with us seems bright!






AKC Name:  "Rider's Golden Christmas"  Registered AKC & UKC




Born on Christmas Day in Hillsdale, MI  -  Rider is named after The Christmas Story Ralphie's Christmas dream gift:  Official Red Ryder Carbine Action 200 Shot Range Model Air Rifle.

Rider has her OFA certifications.

  She is "Miss Curious", always observing, learning, watching -- we are looking forward to seeing her with pups.





AKC Name:  "Mlstn Reinhold's Golden Rock Star"  Registered AKC & UKC


Rocky was born in Clarkston, MI.  When you meet him, you see instantly why he is the "Rock Star" of the group, he carries confidence, has fun puppy playfulness and he captures your attention quickly!

Rocky has his OFA certifications. 

He will be our Future Stud!




AKC Name:  "Reagan's Last Run"    Registered AKC & UKC



Reagan was born in Hillsdale, MI -- the breeder is soon to retire so we feel this will be our last run to Hillsdale to acquire any golden.  

Reagan views herself as one of the adult goldens, she will prove to you that she is not a puppy.  She is a fast learner and she gets along very nicely with the other goldens. 

She is our "little bundle of gold!"  

She is our future.

All Previous Walnut Grove Goldens you will find in The "Touch of Gold" section.

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