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Walnut Grove Goldens

               The Goldens with ...   a "Touch of Gold"  



AKC Name: Reinhold's Golden Ruger (Registered AKC & UKC)


As a puppy, Ruger was lots of fun...he developed into the perfect Golden!

He has captured everyone's heart here at Walnut Grove and is a handsome lover & hugger!


Ruger has OFA certifications on:  Cardiac (Heart), Eyes, Elbow, Hips, Legg-Calve-Perthes, Patella, Shoulder

He also earned his AKC Good Citizen Canine Award.

Ruger takes an active "Father Role" with his pups and enjoys pup-sitting for the Moms. His favorite "Dad" time is when the puppies crawl on him --loves the massage!


"Master Stud!"     One young couple - Walnut Grove Family member from Ann Arbor called Ruger "the George Clooney of Goldens", that fits him perfectly!  He just loves everyone and gives all his undivided attention! (especially loves all females-- humans or dogs). Ruger is always on site.





AKC Name: "Raylee's Brite Nite" (Register: AKC & UKC)


Born in Hillsdale, MI,  Raylee is our "little angel",  she was born on a beautiful clear night with bright brilliant stars abound. 


She has one of the sweetest & calmest personalities - even as a very young pup!  She has defined shading throughout her coat...even the back has a set of light/white golden - angel wings! 


Raylee has her OFA certifications and loves being a mother.  Wonderful natural mother instincts.




"Rosie"   Our first Golden Girl: "Rosie" the Matriarch


AKC Name:  Karen's Rose Petal (Registered AKC, UAB, UKC)     


November 29, 2000 - September 12, 2010

Rosie was our first Golden. Rosie was the "Matriarch"! She was born 11/29/2000 in Montainburg, AR and came to her forever home on 01/31/2001. She was a medium/dark Golden, very loyal with a sweet and calming personality. She was a joy to watch as a mother and our very first experience with Golden puppy breeding. Each birth was a pleasure and joy to assist on. There was little work to do on our part, as her mothering instincts came so naturally to her - she was amazing. After she retired, she enjoyed playing with pups and helping out with all litters.

Rosie crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 5:45pm (approximately 1 hour after the last guest left our annual puppy reunion). Her passing was heartfelt and everyone here at Walnut Grove participated in a small ceremony at the farm.

Thank you Rosie for staying around for your last puppy reunion (being able to see, touch and love all your puppies one last time) and fullfilling all our wishes for you. You will alwasys be loved -- goodbye - our good and faithful friend...Love, Dad & Mom


Her off-spring Robyn played a big role in our breeding program as well -- an amazing girl!



"Ronnie"   Our First "Pack Leader" - "Ronnie"


AKC Name: Veronica's Gold Nugget (Registered AKC, UAB & UKC)    December 1, 2000 - August 8, 2012   


Ronnie was a light Golden and our first "Pack Leader" She had always been a very good hunter and had a very nurturing personality.

Ronnie was born 12/01/2000. She gave birth to 3 of our breeding Goldens..."Randi", "Ruby" and "Roxy".  Ronnie passed away at the farm with all the Goldens present to keep her company through her final hour.

Many people remember her as the "Grandma who taught the pups", she even had the knack of putting socks in the snow and having the pups play tug-of-war with her as they were teething (to comfort/calm the gums).


"You have exited this life with Honor - Good & Faithful Friend"



"Randi"   "The Perfect One" - "Randi"


AKC Name: Randi's Golden Noel (Registered AKC, UAB & UKC)     April 25, 2005 - August 22, 2018


Randi was born at our farm on 04/25/2005- Daughter of "Ronnie" and Sir Nicholas Noel of Ray Township, MI. She exhibited maternal instincts at the young age of 6 months old -the time Robyn - (see below-) was born, she loved puppy-sitting for "Rosie" & everyone else that had litters. She is The "perfect" one....An Excellent Golden in every way -in our opinion!

She absolutely LOVED being Walnut Grove's "Grandma Golden" until a wonderful couple fell in love with her and wanted her to be part of their lives-- they were very happy with the opportunity of having Randi as part of their family-- so she retired & lived out the last years in St Clair Shores, MI with a wonderful loving family and they enjoyed every "Golden" moment with her as she did with them!


We were honored to be with the family in the last moments of Randi's life, what a touching & loving farewell.




"Robyn"   "Actually Human" - "Robyn"


AKC Name: Robyn's Golden Noel (Registered AKC, UAB & UKC)       October 20, 2005 - April 19, 2018

Robyn was a medium/dark Golden with an abundant amount of shinning "Golden" threads throughout her coat. She was born at the farm on 10/20/2005 (daughter of Rosie and Sir Nicholas Noel) - the perfect house pet size, with a tight weave coat that sheds very little. She was extremely social and willing & ready for any party! Robyn was a beautiful comedian, a "Tomboy", very active, fast and an amazing bird dog-- catching her first pheasant at 3 months old! Robyn was always ready & willing to entertain you - no matter what mood you are in. Robyn inherited her Mother's (Rosie) signature--head down, butt up in the air--greeting (unusual but a must-see), does a lot tail-wagging & "body"wagging. She was "Actually   Human" --The "Communicator",(also affectionately referred to as the "Comedian" ) she 'talks' and expressed herself in ways a human would understand. Very much 'in-tune' with humans. Robyn was a human with fur, never to be considered a canine!


Robyn had a unique "nose" and was the first to diagnose Ron with Cancer...we are forever grateful to her!

We felt Robyn has a lot to offer the world and believe she will leave a legacy...her future belonged in the hands of great friends of ours! They were thrilled to have her in their lives! So happy this family gave Robyn all the love she deserved and all the spoiling that came with it.


Robyn crossed rainbow bridge in the wee early morning hours on April 19, 2018 -- She kept communicating right to the end.  She will be missed by so many people.  Robyn was truly a LEGEND!




"Ruby"  The "Tender-Heart" - "Ruby"

AKC Name: Ruby's Golden Noel (Registered AKC & UKC)    RETIRED


Ruby was a medium/dark Golden. Born at the farm on 06/17/2008 and the daughter of Ronnie & Sir Nicholas Noel, she was a focused hunter - catching her first bird at 7 weeks old! Ruby had perfected the art of the 'hug' - she gave the best body hugs! The sweetest and most gentle Golden you will ever meet-- the "Tender-Heart"!  Fun to watch - a wonderful little athlete/"tomboy"! An angel is disguise. She was also Roxy's sister.

Ruby was adopted by a wonderful man that fell in love with her the moment he saw her. They live only a couple miles away from Walnut Grove Farms... on the Werderman Farm in Lenox,MI. As Bob puts it, "he is so happy that she let's him live with her"! They enjoyed  walking 5 miles a day and love the country life together!!  Ruby started to slow down and passed away  after Thanksgiving on November 25th 2018.





AKC Name: Renee's Night Savings  (Registered AKC & UKC)  RETIRED


The "The Thinker"  was born on the day of Daylight Savings time in 2013 (11/13/13)...a great hunter, her curiosity makes her a quick learner.  


She had natural mothering instincts which served well with her exclusive litter born in 2016 - her one & only litter.  She needed to be spayed after her first litter and is living happily amoung the open country in Wisconsin Rapids, WI (her new name is Penny)--  on acres of land and enjoying everyday with her new parents.






AKC Name:  Nite for a Ronda-Voo (Registered AKC & UKC)


Ronda was born on a Hillsdale, MI farm.  She was an all around Golden:  sweetest personality, a typical tomboy, very athletic, talked, loved cuddling & hugging.  She had a love for playing with pups from the start!  She had her first litter & only litter in 2016 and was the most playful Mom!  She had an encounter with coyotes in the summer of 2016.  She was and will continue to be in our hearts ...she was "Our Angel".




AKC Name: MS -  Reinhold's 870 Remington (Registered AKC & UKC)    RETIRED


Remi was born on October 22, 2011 in Clarkston, MI.  Remi "The Charmer" has a charming personality and smiles & wags her tail the instant she sees you.  She was a pack leader the time she was here, she has a very calm & loving disposition and makes everyone that meets her feel like they are her universe - she warms them with her touch - she absolutely loves being around people.


Remi was retired in 2016 and lives in Brandenton, FL






AKC Name:  Ryely's Midnight Run (Registered:  AKC & UKC)    RETIRED


Ryely "the retriever" was born on a farm (surrounded by rye & hay fields) in Hillsdale, MI 

her father (Samson Golden Angel II) is half English Cream and half light Golden and her mother (Rosemary Precious Jewel) is light/medium Golden.


She is a light Golden that is full of  spirit & energy, and displays all the traits Walnut Grove Goldens are known for:  Great temperance, athletic, and a loving disposition.   Ryely has a natural born instinct to retrieve -- her favorite is retrieving balls.


She has been adopted by a unique family -- we refer to them as the "official puppy picker"...as they have picked puppies for several families.  They are a fun-loving, fun-times couple with a terrific sense of humor.  They are excited to have Ryely join their family and so are we....we know she will be spoiled!





AKC Name: Raven's Dark Night (Registered: AKC & UKC)     RETIRED



Being born on Devil's Night - Raven is named for her "devilish" smile, and her quiet presence.  She was born on a Hillsdale, MI farm.  Her father is Jenny's Doc and Mother is Ginger Autumn Lady.  She enjoys nature, hunting and wide-open spaces - born to love the country life.  

"The Athlete", fits Raven - her physical abilities amazes us.  


Raven was retired right after Randi had passed away.  She was adopted by Randi's family in the fall of 2018 and lives and is being spoiled in St Clair Shores, MI.  She enjoyed her litters and retired young to now enjoy life.






AKC Name:  MS - Jeepers It's Wrangler (Registered AKC & UKC)  RETIRED

Rangler was "our tomboy"  nicely built solid with a very attractive coat & mane.  She possessed natural motherly instincts.  


She was retired in the spring of 2019.  She is living with a family with two young boys in Commerce Township, MI.  She works as a therapy dog and goes to work with her new mother currently at Jewish Senior Life  (Program for Holocaust Survivors). 


They say she is doing an amazing job and they are excited & happy to have her as part of their family.

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